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Report a bug / China Lake GL has no magazines listed in CfgWeapons
« Last post by Knocks on August 14, 2018, 03:35:05 PM »
I have come across a couple weapons that do not list their magazines, which is causing issues with auto populating loot chests etc.  This is one of them.  Item works, just doesn't have the mag listed. 

Thanks for some AWESOME content, I am running an Exile Server based on a Viet-noa Island theme and if plays great with all the CQB, sniper trees, etc.

uns_ex41 - China Lake
Men Of Valor campaign ArmA 3 remake released! You might have read about this project earlier (link: ) and it is now finished :)

Men Of Valor campaign ArmA 3 remake (normal edition):

Men Of Valor campaign ArmA 3 remake (history edition):

In honor to 2015 Inc.'s and Videndi Universal's game 'Men Of Valor' I present you ArmA 3 remake of this game as A3 Campaign 'Men Of Valor'.

Men of Valor follows Dean Shepard and his squad of Marines from the 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Division through the Vietnam War including missions at the height of the Tet Offensive.
Mission types include patrols, village searches, night operations, defence missions and many other infantry focused battles.

- - - - -


- Remake of Men Of Valor-video game's campaign in ArmA 3. Some small or bigger changes have been done but overall plot and charters have remained the same.

- Some times same intro cutscenes used as in the Men Of Valor videogame.

- 12 infantry-missions around Vietnam War and 1 tutorial mission in case you are not familiar with ArmA-controls.

- Dialogues subtitled unlike the MOV-game. (But then again this one doesn't have voice-acting...)

- Lenght: over 4 and half hours

- All missions have briefings with lot of more or less important information and pictures.

- Custom sound effects used

- 2 versions:
 * Normal edition; same intro cutscenes as in the Men Of Valor-game

 * History edition; learn more about Vietnam War history by reading extra pages about various stuff that were part of Vietnam War.
In History edition if all history edition texts are read and videos watched campaignís length expands to over 8 hours.

- No DLC's or APEX-expansion required


- Activate @Old Nam-map first in ArmA 3 launcher or otherwise saving during mission doesn't work!

- Okay, this time I have all description.exe files have same identies and sound-file names, nothing can stop me creating it an actual camp- wait a minute... (all images must be put to DataEx-file each with unique name) ... ... ... NOOOOOOO!!! God-dammit, I'm not going to change those... god-dammit I failed once again, maybe third times the charm then.

- - - - -

(And finaly, thanks to the master's of ArmA-community, wonderful mod-makers.)

Special and my biggest thanks to:
UNSUNG Vietnam War mod group

Without their work and effort, I would never even had possibility to release this campaign fully in ArmA 3!


Old Nam-map version by =7Cav=CPL.Variable.A
(Re-uploaded to Steam Workshop by me with his permission)

CBA_A3 by CBATeam

CUP Weapons, Units, Vehicles, Maps and Core

G.O.S Song Bin Tanh 2.0 (APEX) and G.O.S Nziwasogo by GOS_Makhno

The Unsung Vietnam War Mod by Unsung group

Jbad by M1lkM8n

3den Enhanched by Revo

Pack Press by Xnooz

Other thanks to:

Original 'Men Of Valor' video game by
2015 Inc. and Vivendi Universals game

Men Of Valor A3 remake history cognoscentiís
[APX]Catmmunist, Barden and Tetet

Vietnamese translations:

Scripting advisers
Feuerex (Make sure to check out his YT-channel! )
and Tetet
General Discussion / Re: I really enjoy your server
« Last post by Eggbeast on August 08, 2018, 07:02:09 PM »
yep hiya

you'll find a lot of ex-mil and just general hardcore troopers in the discord, where we organise our games
make yourself at home!

General Discussion / mission files
« Last post by Kev on August 08, 2018, 04:59:18 PM »
I have been trying to download the mission files for multi-players. Went to the link provided and the site is no longer their. I am assuming I am allowed to run on my server. If not, please let me know. My players are looking forward to playing the game. I do not know how to get from steam and looking for a different place to down load. Thanks for your assistance.   Kev
General Discussion / Re: I really enjoy your server
« Last post by TeTeT on August 06, 2018, 08:09:51 PM »
Hi Replicant,

welcome aboard and thanks for the praise! Feel free to join our two discord servers where we regularly hang out and discuss Unsung topics:
Project Delta:

For Project Delta you need to be assigned at least FNG status before you can write there.

General Discussion / I really enjoy your server
« Last post by Replicant on August 06, 2018, 05:13:47 PM »
Folks -

I am really glad to have found your server and community -- I enjoy it immensely.  I'm an older guy, retired US Army officer, and -- as such, enjoy the disciplined approach to your gaming.  I will be joining your weekend ops as time permits.....  Thanks again in advance for your patience with me when it comes to technical matters!

Ollie (Replicant)
Report a bug / Re: Loadout Errors and Inconsistencies
« Last post by TeTeT on August 05, 2018, 02:10:33 PM »

thanks a lot for compiling this massive list of shortcomings! Unfortunately developer and tester power is also limited at Unsung, so we haven't really had time to look into it yet. But I hope we will do so in the future. Thanks again for your effort!

General Discussion / Re: Playing solo?
« Last post by TeTeT on August 05, 2018, 09:48:53 AM »
The mod has no embedded scenarios or campaigns, you need to download them from some other source.

Eggbeast maintains a huge list of scenarios in his favourites list:
General Discussion / Re: Playing solo?
« Last post by Nunny12345 on August 02, 2018, 10:52:32 PM »
Having the same issue. Downloaded unsung via steam, when I open and select in arma launcher my game loads with the Vietnam mod as my background, however, no scenario/campaign missions available despite downloading some via steam. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
General Discussion / Re: Playing solo?
« Last post by TeTeT on August 02, 2018, 07:18:19 PM »
Sorry Timms, CBA is not needed to play Unsung. It's a standalone mod.

Millynac, do you see the Unsung Mod logo in the opening menu of arma 3, or not even that? Did you load the mod from the arma 3 launcher?
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