Unsung-community historical experts searched for assist in ArmA 3 MOV-campaign

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Hello to UNSUNG-community from Finland.

My name is Unluckymonster and Iím focused on creating ArmA 3 Singleplayer missions. Some of you might have played earlier my missions like SUPER HOT A3 and/ or Nogova Crisis campaign.
Those who have completed NC knows that Iím working of remaking Vietnam War shooter Men Of Valor-videogame campaign to ArmA 3.

For a longer time I have planned to create high quality Vietnam War singleplayer campaign as I donít have played/ found a whole lot of them (tell me if Iím wrong) and because I don't know Vietnam War
history that well Iím not able myself to create a good Vietnam War story so MOV works well on this one.

However itís not very realistic at all. For example, MOV Marine rifle squad is never higher than 5 (in real life 14) and normal soldier goes to raid VC tunnels (not a real trained Ďtunnel ratí).

Thatís why Iím creating 2 versions of this campaign. The normal edition which have same intro document-cutscenes as the MOV-game AND ĎHistory editioní where is told more about Vietnam War
operations, weapons, factions, vehicles etc. etc. in briefings and after the mission and sometimes in separate History outro-missions.

I have finished 1st mission and here is a link of both versions of it so you get too see what kind of content to expect from this project.

Normal edition:

History edition:

And here a link to MOV-walkthrough in case youíre not familiar with Men Of Valor game.

"And why I write about this campaign to UNSUNG-community?"

I listened ARMAnetís podcast EP.23 where UNSUNG-team is interviewed and it showed me how well you have studied Vietnam War history. Thatís why Iím asking UNSUNG-community help in creation of
ĎHistory editioní so that this version will be even better and more accurate facts to teach ArmA-players about Vietnam War history and perhaps motivate other people also to create high quality Vietnam War
singleplayer content.

If you havenít heard yourself that podcast hereís a link:

ďIíd like to help, what I need to know/ handle to be able help you?Ē

Not much, just these 2 things:
1)   Know well Vietnam War history (equipment used on it, weapons, operations etc.).
2)   Write and understand English so that we understand each other.

IF you are willing to help in this project AND fill those 2 requirements hereís what you would be doing:
1. At least you need watch Men Of Valor playthrough from Youtube or play it yourself (heck I can buy it to you if you seriously want and Steam allows to do it in your country):

2. Tell me MOV gameís lies/ mistakes of Vietnam War that you spot and how they really went/ are.

3.   Read my ĎHistory editioní pages that I create and if you spot clear mistakes or have something fitting to tell more about that topic tell me about it and I probably add them to the campaign.
(Example as you can see from mission 1 there are topics like Ď3rd Marinesí, ĎM14í and ĎUH-1Hí as they present on that mission.)

As Steamís friend-chat doesnít remember/save last conversations itís probably easiest to communicate with emails or at this forum.
Donít worry, my planned schedule for releasing this campaign is Q2 or Q3/2018 and as there are just 13 missions in this campaign thereís no real time pressure presenting on your task.

ďWhat I get of helping in this project?Ē
Well obviously my biggest gratitudeís of helping in this project and of course mentioned in credits. In Nanny State Index No.1 country Finland asking money donations even from Patreon or similar websites is
something that gets tax collector's socks rotate in the legs and easily lead you to problems so Iím NOT even trying to get any money of this campaign.
So only thing that comes to my mind would be donate you Men Of Valor game if Steam just allows to do so into your country. (If you so desperately want to play it, MOV gameplay hasnít aged best way
possible :p )

If you think you are able/ willing to help in this project and help ArmA-community understand more about Vietnam War-history please contact me either in this topic or private message or in Steam private
message to my user-account ĎUnluckymonsterí.

If not, I hope you will be enjoying of this sneak peek to my campaign and when I release the full ArmA 3 MOV-campaign when itís done. And while waiting why not try my earlier released missions?
Hereís a link to them:

Thanks for reading!
- Unluckymonster

EDIT: Here's a link to MOV-campaign ArmA 3 remake group on Discord. https://discord.gg/5DcPpJN
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Thank you so much for reaching out! I put out an announcement about this post, however I suggest that you might, for communication, possibly look into discord. Discord not only saves your entire chat history with someone but it also allows you to pin any post in the chat history to quickly go back to something important!
You can use it completely for free and if you set up an account and join the UNSUNG Community discord here: ttps://discord.gg/2RXqmjb You'll have another direct line not only to the devs but the active members of both the UNSUNG and other historical communities.
E.g. A regular member on our discord is Vietnamese and has knowledge on weapons, uniforms, equipment all used by the PAVN/NVA at the time.

You don't have to do anythign with discord if you want but you might find it's not only immensely helpful, but also allows you to get very accurate information from multiple people if you were to ask someone in that discord over having someone directly to talk to if no one stands up, but of course having someone who knows like us devs or anyone who actually does is better direct line. :)
Cheers again for reaching out and I hope everything goes well!

'Ello there mate, found your post on Discord. Thought i could be of use for the PAVN/NLF should you need them. Cheers for making a campaign.
P.s: Maybe possibly make a campaign for the PAVN and NLF too?  :-*

'Ello there mate, found your post on Discord. Thought i could be of use for the PAVN/NLF should you need them. Cheers for making a campaign.

Glad to hear Kitty Cat, here's a link to MOV-campaign ArmA 3 remake group on Discord. https://discord.gg/5DcPpJN

P.s: Maybe possibly make a campaign for the PAVN and NLF too?  :-*

Like I say in my original post, I'm not enough familiar with Vietnam War history to be able write a good story of it and thus I'm creating Men Of Valor-campaign.
Of course nothing is written on stone so if I just come up with a one I don't see reason to why not. So far Viet Cong 2 and 7554 games have PAVN side story to tell but that is a discussion in F A R   A W A Y future.