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Revision 20DEC2019

This mod is Copyrighted Property of The Unsung Vietnam War Mod team, Credits for all contributors are here

This software is protected by a legally binding License – full version - and by downloading this software you agree to all terms and conditions within it UNDER PENALTY OF LAW.

This webpage provides a summary of the License. Please read the full license for more detail.

General note: This software is a game modification for ArmA 3. Any unauthorized use of content and technology in this software, outside of ArmA 3, is prohibited. It should be noted that much of the software content has been developed from previous ArmA games and UNSUNG modifications. Integral parts of the software content is derived from Bohemia Interactive Studios (BI) and falls under the Arma Public License system provided by BI. This software content and the UNSUNG name are intellectual property of the UNSUNG mod team, who claim moral rights as the author of the work.  Any use of the UNSUNG name, or its associated marks, in the context of ArmA, requires permission from the author.

Redistribution: This license prohibits unauthorized redistribution of the software in part or in whole, except through the channels we have created below. You must not redistribute it without permission from the author, and specifically it must not be uploaded to the Steam Store.  You acknowledge that you are downloading this for personal use and will not use this software for commercial gain or publicity. You acknowledge that your right to use the software will be terminated upon doing so.

Monetization: This license expressly prohibits monetization of UNSUNG content. This includes, but is not limited to:
-Requiring money for content within the mod
-Requiring money in order to play on a community's server
-Requiring money in order to grant membership into a community playing UNSUNG content
Any acts deemed by the author to be in breach of this license will result in termination of your right to use this software, and you may be pursued for damages.

Modification: Editing this software is prohibited. By downloading this software you agree that you will not unpack or debinarize the materials in any way. You will not edit, adapt, export or otherwise tamper with the software content. You acknowledge that your right to use this software will be terminated by any act of tampering with the software.

Liability: You agree that the author (UNSUNG development team), testers, BI, and content donors will not be held responsible for any damage done to you or your possessions. You acknowledge that you are downloading this software for personal use and will not use this software in order to interfere with or obtain data from other persons or entities. You agree that you will not use this software to support, represent, or otherwise help terrorist organizations, social movements, or anything outside of the realm of ArmA 3. You understand that if you do so, your right to use this software is terminated and you will be held responsible.

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Download Missions

The Official Unsung Vietnam Community-made Mission Collection

This collection of more than 50 missions features missions created by the community, which are set in the Vietnam War and make use of our Unsung Vietnam War mod. The Unsung Mod team did not make these missions, they were made by the gaming community.

you can browse and subscribe to them on steam workshop by clicking here or clicking the button below.

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